Resumes are hard work.

It’s a full time job to find a full time job – and we want to help.

We are technical recruiters, business recruiters, copywriters, and content strategists who care deeply about leveling the playing field for candidates from under-represented groups.

What does that mean for you? A free resume consultation, a LinkedIn profile optimization, maybe a little advice along the way. Basically, we want to help you get hired.

Fill out the form here and one of us will be in touch to help get your resume looking downright good.

Resumes are Hard Work is a passion project of Marissa, Amy, Katie, LB, and Brigid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, it’s free. Our goal is to offer our services to folks from under-represented groups, but we are open to helping anyone that needs an extra eye or deft hand. We ask that if you are not from an under-represented group, you consider making a donation to Black Girls Code.

Who are you though?

We are a group of technical recruiters, business recruiters, copywriters, and content strategists. We’ve worked at start-ups, agencies, and good ol’ fashioned small businesses. And we all have very nice-looking resumes.

What is the process?

We ask first that you fill out the form here. From there, you’ll hear from us to schedule a 30 minute call to figure out what your needs are and how we can help. We’ll work closely from that point on until you have a resume and/or LinkedIn profile that helps you shine.

What if I haven’t heard back?

We're a team of volunteers balancing our full-time jobs with helping you find a full-time job. We work on a 2 week rolling basis, so you will hear from us within 2 weeks of your submission. If the form-fill is inactive it means our current cohort is full. We reopen new slots every Monday so check back then.